Low Cost Counselling in English

My name is Ben Jackson and I am a trainee therapist offering low cost counselling in Berlin. If you are an English speaker and need to talk to someone in confidence, please call me to arrange an appointment.

Therapy can help with a variety of difficulties including depression, loneliness, problems adjusting to life in a new country, anxiety, obsessionality, relationship problems, unresolved childhood events, family issues, anger, stress and problems at work. It can also help you to clarify your direction, increase your autonomy and find more meaning and happiness in life.

Please note that I do not offer couples or family therapy and that this service is only suitable for individuals who:
• Are 18 or older
• Are not considering suicide
• Are not currently suffering or recovering from an alcohol or drug addiction
• Can speak good English. If you are not a native English speaker and wish to occasionally say a few things in German, that is fine.


Ben Jackson

Telefon: 0157 7729 7643 | E-Mail: ben.jackson@counsellinginenglish.de
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